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There is no charge for student records/transcripts. Requests are generally processed the next business day after submission of request.

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Please provide any additional information that may assist us with locating the requested student records/transcripts and specify if you need records/transcripts from school(s) other then last one attended.

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Note: Student Educational Records can be released via a signed release from the parent/guardian (if student is under 18) or student (18 or older). Requests are generally processed the next business day after the request is received in our office. There is no charge for student educational records/transcripts.

Individual uploaded files cannot exceed two mega bytes (2 MB). The maximum number of uploaded files is five (5).

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Pick-up Instructions and Location

Copies may be picked up at our office with a state/federally issued photo ID. When picking up records on behalf of a former student that is 18 or older, a signed and notarized letter from the student is required.

Office Location:

Records Management
6201 Powers Ferry Road
Sandy Springs, GA 30339

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